Make your own social technology to explore your social needs

We all have a need to balance our time between being together with others and being alone. For each and every single person the ideal balance is different. Technology (in all its complexity) influences our ability to keep this balance. What happens if we make our own social technologies? What do we learn about our social needs and our use of technology?


Making stories

Read about what others made, how they lived with it and what it learned them about themselves, technology and their social needs.



This project started as a research project of four Master Digital Design students. When students Pamela, Wendy, Veronika and Jasper found themselves stuck at home due to Covid-19, they started experimenting with social technologies. This experience was so valuable to them that they developed this platform to make it available to more people.


Start up your personal research. Dive into the topic of social needs and technology. Order the kit, dowload the code, start building and learn about your own social needs and the influence of technology.